Company Profile

Name of Company SINGAZ JAPAN Co.


3-19-10-2F Takada, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Date of Establishment 20 October 1998
Paid-up Capital 88,880,000 yen
Principal Business Activities Import, export and wholesale of seafoods, frozen and processed food products
CEO Takeuchi Kazuo
Main Customers Kyokuyo, Marusui Sapporo Chuo Suisan


5 min. walk from JR Takadanobaba Station

Management Philosophy

We are moving towards sustainable growth based on our team of ultra-low temperature longline tuna
fishing vessels, import, export and wholesale businesses.

We will continue to strengthen our business profiles and further enhance our capabilities with the aim to become an integrated organisation in F&B industry.

Greetings from Chairman


Singaz Japan has carefully selected 10 ultra-low temperature longline tuna
fishing vessels from Kaohsiung City, Taiwan to operate its business under the philosophy of safe, secured and sustainable protection of resources.
The company is able to import 4,000 tonnes of products annually.
At the same time, it also involves in other related businesses throughout the
fishing operation by supplying the fish bait and fuel so to further increase its
profits. The group of companies also own eel farms, food processing factory
and distribution channels, and always make its best effort in developing new products to satisfy various kind of customers. By establishing this smooth flow of operation covering from upstream until downstream of the business,
we are able to achieve products and services diversification and add value to our entire organisation.

Executive Chairman
温 雲鋒
Thomas bon


Organisation Chart

As of Oct. 2022

To strengthen and enhance the communication between the top management and executives,
so that the business strategy can be accurately
executed yet not losing its flexibility.

Fishery Department

We are able to directly import, distribute and sell at
least 3,000 tonnes of ultra-low temperature bigeye
and yellow fin tuna annually.

Aquaculture Department

From farm to table, our group of companies provides systematic controlled farming, food processing with
international food safety requirements, IQF, logistic,
sale and F&B services for our in-house eel (unagi)

Fish Bait Department

We are procuring and export more than 2,000 tonnes of sardines as fish bait for the longline tuna fishing.

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